What they say about us...

Aimee Nicholls

Managing Partner, DRUM (PHD Group)

Frances is one of the most brilliant people I have worked with. She is warm, encouraging and supportive, but also knows when to balance it out with a bit of tough love. She kept me honest, she kept me challenged, and she kept me inspired. I have loved working with her over the last 9 months or so, and look forward to continuing to do so.

Sophie Dysart

Senior Marketing Manager, NZ at Afterpay

Frances is an incredibly switched on, professional, and personable career coach. Over 6 months, Frances has given me effective tools to manage my professional career, and align my focus on my goals and what is important to me right now. Thanks Frances, I have loved working with you and will continue to do so.

Bronda Smith

Business Strategist

Every now and again you come across those people that are so good at their job, it looks effortless and oh so natural. Frances is one of those people. She is a brilliant coach who gets the best out of you by asking the right questions and challenging your thinking. I highly recommend her and will be continuing with her on a permanent basis. Thanks Frances for being my guide in the last few months and in the future.

Mark Lowther

Director, Lowther Interiors

As a small business with steady growth, Frances has helped with strategic advice & Management plans helping the growth of my business with out standing results every time. Our face to face meetings help me gain back my motivation & what ever roadblocks occurred over the month. She has helped with my personal growth in life as well as my business. With her guidance and knowledge I believe my business would not be where it is today. I would highly recommend Frances for any professional career coaching.

Maheesha Kottegoda

Web Product Manager, Digital Experience, Inland Revenue

Frances is a warm and pragmatic operator. When I have sought her advice, I have found her to have an impressive breadth of technical HR knowledge, coupled with an intuitive ability to apply it to gain the desired effect. 

​She is an authority in her field, adept at communicating and navigating complex scenarios. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to my fellow leaders and close friends.

Simone MacDonald

Senior Recruitment Consultant, Cobalt Recruitment

Frances has been an integral part to my personal development in my professional career as a coach. Frances has allowed me in to recognise my strengths as well as areas in which I am able to further grow and develop in a short space of time. As a coach Frances, is extremely personable yet at the same time keeps you on track and accountable on your journey. Whilst developing and strengthening her relationship with you she is able to set clear objectives and action points. With a strong follow up process Frances is able to ensure that you reach your goals in a desirable time frame. I have found Frances, open, approachable with the ability to ask the tough questions and get results. I would highly recommend Frances for professional career coaching.

Becky Sharp

National Sales Manager, Consumer Health Care NZ, Sanofi

Frances prioritises understanding your values and goals so that every session is highly valuable. She works with you to develop relevant and simple action plans that will challenge your thinking and uncover motivating ‘gems of thought'.

When we reflected on what we achieved in 6 months, it as a phenomenal amount and accelerated the progression towards my goals.

Lucy S.

Senior Adviser, Communication, & Engagement / Kaitohutohu Matua at VOYCE Whakarongo Mai

Frances is a wonderfully empathetic, clever and pragmatic career coach. Her holistic approach to coaching is excellent, and you really do go on a journey of self-discovery both personally and professionally with her committed guidance and skillful mentoring. I am so grateful for the process that Frances took me on, her astute analysis and specific, tangible steps to navigate my professional future have been invaluable.

Matt Laurenson

Inspector, at NZ Police

I worked with Frances in 2019/20 and had a brilliant experience. Frances is intelligent, focused and diligent. I found her ability to take on board my goals and thoughts, rework them and then articulate them back to me with a clear action plan invaluable.


Frances has great insight into a variety of industries and understands the environment that managers and leaders work within.

​I have been to numerous leadership courses and have lead teams for about 15 years. Despite this, Frances was always able to provide me with an alternative perspective and bring clarity to complicated and dynamic situations. Thanks Frances! 

Angela Wilton

International Development Director

Frances provided honest, strategic and insightful advice when I needed it. Her accessible and approachable style made it easy to explore the actual issues, look into areas of strength and identify quickly where there may be gaps. She followed up immediately with additional support. Frances marries professionalism with genuine concern and gets to the heart of what's needed.

Lucy Fox

Group Account Director, Thrive

My experience with Human Focus Consulting was really brilliant. Being relatively new to the world of coaching Frances guided me through and helped me to uncover exactly what I needed to get out of our sessions together. Frances put structure around my career and personal life and gave me perspective on what I could achieve and when. I learnt things I didn't know about myself, how to channel my strengths and work on any weaknesses. And the advice and goal setting was practical and relevant - it was all about setting tasks that would actually help me take that next step, develop that team member, navigate business decisions, issues and ultimately be a more productive and resilient PR practitioner. I couldn't recommend  Frances and Human Focus Consulting more highly.

Victoria Harris

Portfolio Developer, Devon Funds Management. 

Co-Founder & Head of Finance of The Curve

I was definitely hesitant when I had my first coaching session with Frances. However, that hesitance was quickly dispelled. Frances was so warm, fresh and welcoming. She made every session so easy and conversational. 


Coaching with Frances has been an incredible experience. She helped me gain perspective on my current situation, discover what was truly important to me and guide me toward a feeling of success. We set (and achieved!) goals that I never would've been able to achieve without her motivation and assistance. It was such a worthwhile experience. I cannot recommend Frances and her services enough, especially if you feel like you need a bit of direction, more fulfillment or just an awesome person to chat to!

Chief Operating Officer

Medium sized NZ Organisation

Frances helped me to dig down and get a really good understanding of what success looked like for me personally.

It was great to get clear on my thoughts and purpose. She keeps the pressure on and creates an environment where you can trust her. It was really powerful.

Paul Gregory

Chief Operating Officer, Pie Funds Management

I asked Frances to work with members of my investment team to identify the strengths and weaknesses they bring to their responsibilities, and their lives in general, whether they’re aware of them or not. Frances then coached each member to create a development plan covering their professional and personal lives.


At work, this has resulted in clearer professional goals with associated clarity of role, career progression and development plans. Frances is a high-quality, emotionally intelligent coach and a top human to boot.

Joseph Price

General Manager, Chemical Freight Services Ltd

Our business engaged Frances at Human Focus 18 months ago to support our existing HR function. We could not be more delighted with the value added to our business and the expertise made available to our Senior Management Team.


Frances has reviewed our HR function from end to end and provided a sense check and full compliance review as well as consulted on a number of contentious issues where we needed commercial advice externally. Frances is a trusted adviser to the Chemfreight Group of Companies.

Owen Gill

Chief Executive Officer, Infrastructure New Zealand

Frances is an outstanding personal adviser to general managers and CEOs, on HR. As a GM, I found her to be extraordinarily insightful on human motivation, both generally and down to individuals.

She also provides expert advice for senior people seeking bigger roles. Again, I found Frances to be exceptionally insightful and cogent. She has a direct, get-to-the-point style, which sharpens decision-making and ensures that details don't get in the way of the big picture.

John Gardiner

Managing Director, Candor3

I have only worked with Frances and Human Focus for a few short months but unreservedly endorse the value she delivers. On the consulting side, she has helped our executive team create and implement effective health and wellness programmes across the business and the wider team has benefited immensely from her leadership workshops and coaching with immediate and beneficial results.


We look forward to working with Frances on an increasing basis moving forward.

Regan Wright

Director, Pulse Interiors

Our company has been taken to the next level with the professional help of Frances for all of our HR needs. She has driven our contracts, review processes and interview processes within our company and we now have documents and systems we can be very proud of.


Thanks for all of your past and ongoing help Frances!

Kelly Corfield

Senior Business Analyst

As a career contractor working in high pressure project environments, coaching with Frances provides me with a safe, confidential and supportive setting to discuss challenges, issues and situations that I am facing in my professional life. Frances is an exceptional listener and has an ability to hone in on a single phrase or word to discuss further. Drilling deeper typically uncovers a mis-alignment with my own values and beliefs with those of a work situation or environment. Frances is able to recommend or suggest different perspectives to each situation and give practical advice around how to make positive changes. In some situations, we may role play the scenario and practice conversations and interactions. I respond particularly well to diagrams and Frances always knows exactly what to draw to illustrate points and insights during our coaching sessions.


Frances has a wealth of knowledge and resources available to her coaching clients and the materials Frances recommends during our sessions are relevant, helpful and insightful. The follow up activities, reading and assignments between coaching sessions help reinforce the theme of the coaching sessions and are a very valuable part of the coaching process.


For anyone interested in their own personal career development and taking ownership for their professional growth I highly recommend a series of coaching sessions with Frances to support and guide you.