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Consulting Services

We love to develop authentic, meaningful partnerships with our clients.

Outsourced People & Capability Consulting Services

Human Focus Consulting provides a full spectrum of tailored people and culture solutions to support a high-performing, commercially successful organisation. 


We take a fresh, commercially focused approach to people and culture management, by offering outsourced solutions that are agile and get to the heart of the matter quickly. 

Outplacement & Career Transition

Career transition is a challenging experience for employees, companies, and managers alike. When people experience redundancy, how the transition process is handled can have an enormous impact on a business’ reputation, on staff morale, engagement, and performance.

By proactively managing this change, organisations can minimise the impact by supporting their people through the transition process.

Our team of career consultants and certifed career coaches provide bespoke career transition support for executives, leaders, and professionals, as well as more cost-effective programmes for general staff. All programmes are practical and designed to ensure your people feel supported to embrace change and confidently prepare for and transition into new employment.

Achieve positive outcomes and ensure your people feel supported during times of change.

People & Leadership

We help organisations of all sizes to plan and implement people strategies for their workforce. This includes: 


  • Recruitment and onboarding of the right people (including psychometric testing) 

  • Building positive employee experiences

  • Engaging employees with the right type of growth opportunities through talent development and management programmes

  • Building leadership and team capability by delivering engaging workshops

  • Succession planning and more

Health & Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of your people have a direct impact on your organisation’s success and performance. 


We support organisations of all sizes to undertake health and wellbeing surveys and develop strategies that your people actually support and will engage in.

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An organisation that values, engages, and supports its staff is more likely to have a productive, effective, and efficient culture. 

This doesn't happen overnight. It has to be earnt, embedded, and nurtured on an ongoing basis. 

Not sure how to achieve this or where to start? We can help you.

Diversity & Inclusion

Building an inclusive culture that supports diversity and the different thinking and innovation it brings is important. 


It helps to ensure each person can reach their full potential and maximise their contribution, irrespective of their real or perceived differences. 


Developing an inclusive and diverse workforce is simply good business.

Change Management & Organisational Design

Organisations are operating in a fast changing world, presenting new challenges for businesses and a requirement for organisations to become more flexible and responsive, and operate in risky, costly and more complex situations.


Restructuring organisations or implementing a significant organisational change is more than just moving roles and titles. A successful change or restructure starts with a clear connection between the strategy and future structure, role decisions are made regardless of the current people involved and the change is executed with transparency, clarity, empathy, and by meeting legislation requirements. 


We will work with you to review your organisation from a people perspective, align your structure, roles and strategy, and seamlessly implement the change from start to finish.

HR Audits

Ensure your people and culture processes, policies, systems, and plans are in place. 


We'll evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, review potential issues and risks, and look for opportunities to maximise your capability and function more effectively.


We make staying abreast of your organisation’s compliance legislation, policy, process, and infrastructure easy and stress-free.


We offer strategic advice and operational support to help you proactively manage all these requirements.

Employment Relations

Employee/employer relationships can and occasionally do go wrong.

We can work with you to reduce the potential for conflict and resolve any conflicts should they arise, with minimal human, culture and business impact.

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What they said...

Maheesha Kottegoda

Web Product Manager, Digital Experience, Inland Revenue

Frances is a warm and pragmatic operator. When I have sought her advice, I have found her to have an impressive breadth of technical HR knowledge, coupled with an intuitive ability to apply it to gain the desired effect. 

She is an authority in her field, adept at communicating and navigating complex scenarios. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to my fellow leaders and close friends.

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