Coaching Services

Coaching Services

You can sit and dream about your future - or you can take control and get to the heart of what a successful life or career looks like to you.

That could mean:


  • Improving your impact as a leader,

  • Navigating a change or career transition,

  • A plan for a promotion or directorships, 

  • Team coaching - to improve your team's performance, communication and innovation

  • Early retirement,

  • Getting back into your career after a break,

  • Creating a side-hustle or second income stream

  • Or even getting clear on what it is you actually want in life...


With me as your coach, we’ll remove any confusion, examine what’s important to you, and what might be getting in your way, we'll set goals and develop an action plan to get you there. Then I’ll hold you accountable and keep you focused along the way.


Our sessions will challenge your thoughts and beliefs. They will be eye-opening and, at times, confronting.

It will make you feel vulnerable and out of your comfort zone - but this is where real transformation comes from.

How coaching with me works 

I work with organisations that want to invest in development coaching for staff or to assist with career transition through periods of change.  I work with executives and business owners who want a fresh perspective, and with individuals who want to build their impact and improve their satisfaction.


My focus is on transformational coaching. It takes time to get results - that’s why I require a minimum commitment of three months.


If you want coaching for multiple staff members I can provide a bespoke plan for you. Please get in touch.

Coaching is either in-person or via a video call.





During our initial consultation, we’ll explore the key drivers that led you to seek coaching support and we’ll make sure we’re the right fit for each other.

Book a complimentary consultation

Next, we’ll confirm our approach and the number and frequency of our sessions, tailored to help you achieve the results you want.

Establish goals and expectations

Early sessions will focus on understanding what you want to achieve, before setting actionable steps and milestones to help you get there.

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Executive & Leadership

Ignite your leadership style and mindset so you can perform at an elite level.


Clarify your career goals and determine how you will get there.


Improve your team's performance, and ways of working. For newly formed and established teams.

Change & Transition

Navigate changes confidently, prepare for transition into new areas or new employment, seamlessly.


Clarify your purpose and values, so you can make decisions about how to confidently move forward.

Why am I qualified to coach? 


I’m an internationally certified coach (International Coaching Community), ICC team coach, a trained conflict management coach (Australian and New Zealand Resolution Institute), and am accredited in Hogan Assessment Systems.


Above all else, I’m genuine and relatable. I’ve climbed the corporate ladder, made career changes, built my own business, become a parent, and faced many challenges personally and professionally.


So I know what it takes to open up and speak about your challenges, feelings of uncertainty, and aspirations. I also know first hand that you have to do the hard work to get what you want. It won’t simply fall into your lap.


It’s my resilience and experience in business and life that brings the human focus to my coaching. During our sessions, I provide a safe, confidential space for you to speak with me.

What they said...

Want to learn more?

Becky Sharp

National Sales Manager, Consumer Health Care NZ, Sanofi

Frances prioritises understanding your values and goals so that every session is highly valuable. She works with you to develop relevant and simple action plans that will challenge your thinking and uncover motivating ‘gems of thought'.


When we reflected on what we achieved in 6 months, it as a phenomenal amount and accelerated the progression towards my goals.