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Workshop & Speaking Events

We love to be involved with bring clients business goals to life.

Speaking events 

Human Focus Consulting provides ...

Workshops we've held 

Career transition is a challenging experience for employees, companies, and managers alike. When people experience redundancy, how the transition process is handled can have an enormous impact on a business’ reputation, on staff morale, engagement, and performance.


Achieve positive outcomes and ensure your people feel supported during times of change.

Workshop Topics

We help organisations of all sizes to plan and implement people strategies for their workforce. This includes: 


  • Recruitment and onboarding of the right people (including psychometric testing) 

  • Building positive employee experiences

  • Engaging employees with the right type of growth opportunities through talent development and management programmes

  • Building leadership and team capability by delivering engaging workshops

  • Succession planning and more

Speaking Events

The health and wellbeing of your people have a direct impact on your organisation’s success and performance. 


We support organisations of all sizes to undertake health and wellbeing surveys and develop strategies that your people actually support and will engage in.

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