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What is the great resignation?

A mysterious global social trend’s been building this year and it seems that it’s already arrived in New Zealand. Is the Great Resignation upon us?

Frances Bearne, Director of Human Focus Consulting talks with Seven Sharp.

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Apr, 2022

Executives jump ship from private to NGO sector in search of more meaning

Recruiters say more executives are seeking more meaningful work, while a survey finds two-thirds of managers are considering leaving their jobs.

Human Focus Consulting director Frances Bearne is also seeing this trend unfold. She encourages people to stop and think before they jump ship, and consider what a move would actually mean in practice.

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If you feel the desire to write a book,

Oct, 2021

Why lockdown will accelerate NZ’s ‘big quit’

The ‘great resignation’ or ‘big quit’ has been sweeping the United States, with a record 4 million workers quitting their jobs every month since April.

The trend has been driven by a number of issues, including pandemic fatigue, burnout and overall job dissatisfaction.

Latest Stats NZ labour data shows in the June quarter the main reason people left their jobs was due to their contracts ending, about 16,400.

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August 16, 2020

How to build resilience in the workplace

COVID-19 has really taken a toll on businesses. Many were forced to shut down in its wake, while others had to make big sacrifices. For a business suffering pay cuts, redundancies and more, how can they rebuild resilience?

Human Focus Consulting Founder Frances Bearne spoke to The AM Show.

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Jan, 2022

How to hold onto your best people

In light of the so-called ‘Great Resignation’, Frances Bearne from Human Focus Consulting shares smart strategies to help business owners retain their top talent.

The changes over the past 18 months have not been easy for businesses or employees. It’s given many Kiwis food for thought, causing them to reflect on what fuels them personally, in life, and in their careers.

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Oct, 2021

How to navigate a career change in uncertain times

The uncertainty of the last 18 months many of us left in a state of limbo, stuck in a job or career that we might otherwise have abandoned. Fear, and a need to pay the mortgage has been a factor but so has a sense of loyalty to our employers during this tough time. There has been a lot of standing still, working hard just to stay afloat.

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How to handle a Redundancy


Work-life is tough at the moment. It might be about to get tougher with wage subsidies and other goodies about to be cut.

If you're not already part of a business that's restructured or soon to be, there's news all around that the economy is about to take a dive and potentially rob us of our jobs, our clients, our sales and business dreams.

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Oct, 2021

'Great resignation' coming to NZ: More people ponder quitting their job

About half as many people are committed to sticking with their job this year compared with 2020, a survey shows, amid suggestions that the “great resignation” reported overseas could happen here, too.

Director of Auckland-based Human Focus Consulting Frances Bearne​ said employers needed to act quickly to keep valued staff satisfied.

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July 31, 2020

Expert reveals how to actually achieve a work/life balance

So how can Kiwis manage fulfilment in both work and life, especially when the economy and news coming in from around the world is pretty grim? 

Frances Bearne, director of Human Focus Consulting, says this topic is one of the most frequent discussion points she comes across in her coaching practice.